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A gutsy Aussie teen skateboarder joins the world’s top female skaters in the inaugural Women’s World Cup tour, a wild bus trip across Australia, and must connect with her true self in her quest to become the first Women’s Number One.


Director: Luke Eve

Producers: Adam Alcabes & Luke Eve

Executive Producer: Tony Hawk

Writers: Alli Parker & Warwick Holt




In 1963 rural Mexico, two thieves con a farming village into worshipping a prostitute disguised as a goddess, but the cult turns murderous as she loses her grip on reality.


Director: Luke Eve

Producers: Marc Furmie, Luke Eve & Jack Costello

Writer: Jack Costello

Lily Ramiro.jpg

Lily Ramiro's Little Earthquakes


Alchemist baker Lily uses her mother’s secret Ancient Greek charged recipes and the wiles of her twin boys to transform a town’s animosity toward her firebug sister and woo her back into her life.


Director: Luke Eve

Producer: Luke Eve

Writer: Socratis Otto

Location Scout.jpg

Location Scout


A starry eyed Spanish actress, Lucia, and her father, Carlos, take a road trip around California. The trip is meant for Lucia to find her feet but it's Carlos that ultimately needs looking after.


Director: Luke Eve

Producers: Maria Albinana & Luke Eve

Writer: Maria Albinana

Mid Life.jpg

Mid Life


A highly acclaimed London- based artist appears to have achieved the perfect life balance as mother, wife and creative, when at 48, everyone suddenly leaves her for better offers. Alone for the first time in her life, a new acquaintance, acute anxiety, is more than happy, willing and determined to fill every role available.


Director: Luke Eve

Producer: Luke Eve

Executive Producers: Stephen Fry & Gina Carter

Writer: Anna Lindner

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